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Friday, July 2, 2010

Adventures of soaking far, so good!

It seems as if I've spent every spare moment in the kitchen this week. Between my work for Gling, the gluten-free website I work for and my own personal cooking and baking, it's been a long week in the kitchen. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, I love both jobs. :) Creating tasty foods for my family and tweaking recipes to be gluten-free and tasty is always a good time. OK, not always, it really isn't fun to have a recipe not work, but for the most part it's all good times!

My newest adventure in soaking grains and flours has been a huge learning experience. I've had several successes and one failure. One thing I am learning is that I have got to get better at menu planning ALL of our food for the week, not just dinner. So, this weekend, that is what I'll be working on. I need to come up with a good plan for the next week so that I will know what grains or flours to start soaking when. So far, other than the flopped recipe, that has been my biggest hurdle. I am learning that planning ahead, something that I "thought" I was good at, is a must...oh, and I realized that I have not been planning as well as I had thought, either. :)

My biggest success, in my mind, was the soaked baked oatmeal! HUGE success in the fact that my oatmeal hating daughter LOVED it! YAY!! This mamma was thrilled at that statement. :) One less battle, gotta love that. Not only did my family love it, but I was also able to make it gluten-free and therefore add it to the list of recipes on Gling. That is always a huge bonus, being able to share something that my family loves with the gluten-free community is always a good thing! When we first started eating gluten-free, I struggled to find a good site to meet all of my needs for information and recipes. That is why I love my job with the website so much, I get to pass on what I've learned and get a bit of extra money for our budget as well. A win win!

My flop of the week was a kefir soaked sourdough bread. I don't know what I did wrong there. I'm waiting to hear from the friend that I got the recipe from and see if perhaps I missed something. We'll see if I can't get it to work next time. It's a recipe that her family loves, so I'm thinking I did something wrong.

I also have a sourdough starter that I'm using that I bought from Leeners several months ago and never got around to trying. So far, my first bread attempt was a good one! Very sour and very tasty. YUM! I am hoping to make sourdough pancakes this AM for breakfast and start another batch of bread tomorrow. Thankfully, so far, we've seen no ill effects from eating these soaked flours and grains. I am praying it stays that way. :)

Other than gluten-free goodies and soaked flours and grains, I've also been working on a bit of cheese making. Last night I started a batch of Fromagina. I bought the culture from New England Cheese Making Supply Company, I get all of my cultures from them. The selection is amazing and the prices are good too. This is the first time I've made this cheese, we'll see how we like it. I guess its a creamy spreadable cheese. Sounds tasty to me. :) I'll also be making mozzarella today as well and perhaps ricotta. I have several gallons of milk to get used up. Between cheese and ice cream, we'll be well supplied in dairy products this weekend. :)

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