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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baking bread....I LOVE this chore!

Baking bread is just one of those things that I have always loved to do. Our years of gluten-free only were hard on this bread baking mamma. Oh sure, I found some amazing bread recipes, developed a few myself by tweaking recipes I found, but there is just something about baking wheat bread. The dough is so amazing to work with. The smell that fills my home is one of the best scents that can come from a country kitchen. My kids were so excited over the bread I made yesterday, the flavor was amazing...a slice of country living! It's funny how a couple of beautiful loaves of bread can make your day a bit better.

So far, our new journey in eating whole wheat products again has gone well. I am extremely hopeful that this is going to work for us....for me. Praying daily that eating more whole grains, organically grown will be a good thing for us. The years of being sick were hard, adjusting to a gluten-free diet and way of life was hard as well, but important too. We appreciate a wide range of good food now, yes, wheat is our flour of choice but there are so many amazing grains out there! I never would have thought of using bean flours in my baked goods and liking them! Gluten-free eating is a part of our life, there are things that will still be enjoyed, but having the option of also eating whole wheat products is also part of our life as well. Everything in balance, is what I'd like. :) Soaking our flour and grains has worked amazingly well and has not been as hard as I expected it to be. Like anything, it's a process of leaning to make it part of your routine. Thankfully, so far for us, it's working well.

The next step on this journey is to try soaking and sprouting my wheat berries before I grind them. This is something that I have wanted to try for a long time, but it seemed so complicated. Well, after years of finding ways to make bean and rice flour come together to make a tasty loaf of bread, I have decided that it can't be THAT hard. :) I love working with food. Love finding ways to make what we eat better for us and also just plain good!

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Cinnamon said...

Hi Valerie~ So glad to have you stop by our blog.

I don't have any Marine Mama friends so I guess you can be my first :-) How fun!

Love your blog. I'll have to come back and check out the gluten free stuff as that's the road we're on right now.

So good to "meet" you.

~Cinnamon @ Knights & Maidens Gathering.

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